Michael House

Refurbishment of two office floors and common parts

The work comprised the strip out and Cat A refurbishment of the existing first and second floor offices, redecoration of the complete stair core, installation of a shower room at lower ground level and refurbishment of the ground floor reception.

Work to the offices included the installation of new perforated metal suspended and MF plasterboard ceilings, new raised access floors and redecoration. The original single door openings onto each floor were enlarged and new glazed double entrance doors were fitted to improve accessibility and to create a more spacious transition from the lift lobbies onto the floor plates. Existing fan coil units were repositioned and overhauled and the electrical lighting circuits were rewired to supply new linear light fittings in the main body of the ceilings and LED downlights in the MF margins. Upgraded controls have been fitted to the mechanical services installations and the new lighting circuits and fittings are digitally controlled with daylight and proximity detection significantly improving energy efficiency of the installations.

The work was completed both during normal working hours and out of hours to accommodate the use and constraints of the building. The result was excellent. The common parts and the floor plates have been completely refreshed which has significantly improved the marketability of the accommodation much to the satisfaction of our client.


Chiswell Property Holdings Ltd

Blackburn & Co

Contract value

Contract period
 52 weeks

35 Chiswell Street, London EC1